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Dr. Toyosi Adeniji

Doctor Toyosi is a Medical Doctor in the UK with specialist interest in Endoscopy. She is also a serial entrepreneur with experience in retail, medical education, medical services and property investment. She is always keen on helping people with solutions to different problems on a large scale- within and outside Medicine.
She obtained a GCSE in her early years in Nigeria and further studied for an A-level in Nottingham, United Kingdom. She holds Bachelor and Masters Degree qualification in General Medicine from the Ovidius University of Constanta in Romania. She earned a certification in ‘Health in Numbers-Quantitative methods of Clinical Public Health Research’ from the Harvard University through edX.

After her education, Dr. Toyosi obtained practical training in the Bedford University, United Kingdom and specialist training in GP, Health Education England, East Midlands Deanery, United Kingdom.
She is keen on supporting the vision of Lady Gifty Tetteh by contributing creative ways of implementing different strategies. She is also keen on engaging with young talents within the energy sector and beyond, to help them transition from ‘just having an idea’ to creating a reality. Finally, She is an ardent believer of systemization. She aims to bring ideas on systemization of a lot of services without compromising on the quality of delivery.