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Benrina Kanu Browne

Benrina Kanu Browne is a practising Solicitor in the UK with 18 years post qualification experience in private practice. She is a member of the Law Society of England and Wales. She is also the CEO and principal solicitor of Anderson Browne Solicitors, and the online legal service Legal Advice and Docs, both based in London’s “newest financial quarter and business hub” Stratford, East London. Benrina is a seasoned and diligent legal professional, and her firm has a proven commitment to getting results for her clients.
Benrina completed a Master of Laws Degree in Energy and Natural Resources Law (LLM) (with distinction) from the University of East London, Stratford, and is a member of the Energy Institute in London. Benrina is also a trainer and she has worked with local authority departments providing legal training, legal updates, and informative seminars to empower and their social workers and residents. In addition, Benrina contributes to various community initiatives, including providing “Will Aware” seminars as part of the firm’s Will-Aware campaign, and as well as participating in will-writing campaigns with various high-profile charities.

Her interest in the emerging energy market in Africa was peaked because of the realization of what this could mean to the African people, its economy, health and life expectancy etc. The potential is unimaginable, and as a Sierra Leonean, I am passionate about being a part of not just my country’s development, but the development of the energy industry in the region as a whole. It is an exciting prospect, and a fresh opportunity for women to get involved in the industry. The biggest challenge to the established industry players now is to support a real change in the African energy industry to involve women in strategic roles.
She is excited to be a part of AWIE because this vision to rewrite the script in the energy industry is at its heart.